Commitment defined as the state or quality dedicated to a causeor activity. It is further defined as an agreement, a promise or a pledge to someone or something. When making a commitment to someone or something, the basic rule of thumb is to stand by and dedicate yourself to it.

Now let me ask you, why do so many of us make commitments but don’t follow through? Relationships are being cheated upon. Weight loss is a two day thing and committed to every “Monday, I’ll start for real this time.” Quitting smoking becomes stressful after a week or so. Bunch of other commitments falling off track and the only person to maintain it is you.  On the other hand, there are many people, who are sticking to their commitments. Is it because they want it bad enough to get it? Or is it that they’ve mastered the technique of taking control of their mind? Trust me when I say, I’ve been there and like many others the most challenging objective for me was to be able to resist the urge.  It takes ultimate self-control and for that you need to want it bad enough to follow through your commitments no matter what it is, no excuses. You alone are the ruler of your mind that controls your thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. Be the boss, make the change, commit, and follow through. Plan. Believe. Execute.

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