Friends & Family Can Set You Back

Setbacks are bound to happen in life. How you deal with them all depends on you. Whether it is setbacks that come from you or from external forces. Especially when you are trying to reach for your dreams. The one common factor you need while you try to reach for your reality is your close friends and family; and these are also the same people you might not want to turn to on your way there. Everyone has a difference of opinion and just like that everyone has a different definition of “reality” in his or her mind. Reality is different from one person to another because it is based totally on that person’s truth. Stay with me here so I can explain this to you. Now your truth could be, for example, let’s just say is being an astronaut while majority of the people’s truth is what their circumstances are currently. So see what I am saying is that everyone’s truth turns into his or her reality. You chose for it to be your dreams rather than your current situation.

You determine just like anything else in your life, what role friends and family play on your way to success. It is unfortunate that sometimes our closest friends and immediate family are not there for the support we expected from them. Trust me when I say this that I have been there. I had expectations from people that failed to provide what I thought. Are you paying attention to what I just said? If you were than you would know that “I” plays the biggest part in YOUR life. I, me, you, us – yes we do it to ourselves. It is completely natural for you to feel like they should support you but at the same time, you have to understand that you place yourself in a judgment mentality when that doesn’t happen. How are you in a judgment state? Well when they don’t come about as you expected you get disappointed and maybe even give them a piece of your mind but why. Get over it and realize that they should do whatever is their truth and you have no right to impose yours on that. The sooner you understand this concept, the easier it will be for you to not take it personally. You see, for them they are protecting you from failure, rejection, pain, and downfall because they love you and that’s the best they can do to portray that. Tell you a few times to stop being crazy and come back to reality or maybe even make you feel guilty about how you’ll make the family look, and to the extreme sometimes not even talk to you. But that is their limitation to not be able to see your truth, your reality and it is up to you to not judge them. It is important to have someone to support you on your way there so find yourself an accountability partner. Someone who will hold you accountable for what needs to be done without judgment but also someone who’s not scared to just show up to your house and tell you how lazy you are being.

So do yourself a favor and don’t take things so personally. You can’t let people’s limitations hold you back because what they don’t know is not their fault. Now go write, direct and produce the story you want for your life. And remember to always love yourself because you are amazing.

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